ARI has emerged as one of the leading convenience store suppliers in Texas. With over 50 years of refrigeration experience, ARI devotes a large portion of our resources to our convenience store division. From design and layout using our in-house CAD system, volume discounted equipment purchasing power, and support staff of over 50 professional sales & installation personnel, ARI has the knowledge to provide you with the right equipment for your individual needs, and we have the manpower resources necessary to provide prompt, reliable and professional installation and service.

Our customer base varies from the owner/operator of a single convenience store to the large chains such as TETCO, Sac N Pac, El Tigre, and BIGS (just to name a few). ARI is committed to providing the same level of service to all. AND with offices in San Antonio and McAllen we are able to provide repair service and installations all over Texas.

From new construction to remodels, or simply updating equipment, ARI does it all! Our normal convenience store packages include: design/layout, walk-in/reach-in coolers, shelving, deli/kitchen equipment, display equipment, shelving, sales counters, safes, merchandisers, seating, drink/cup dispensing systems and counters, ice makers, concession equipment such as hot dog/nacho/pizza/popcorn, and even backroom equipment such as, employee lockers, hand trucks, hand sinks, and hand driers. Everything needed for your convenience storeā€¦.equipment, installation and service.

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