Arnold Refrigeration is your one-stop source for all of your Commercial Refrigeration needs. We offer Walk In Coolers, Walk-In Freezers, Deli Cases, Liquor & Beverage Display Coolers, Display Freezers, Produce Cases, the Ice-Pro Bagging Systems and more.

Our reputation for delivering refrigeration equipment nationwide was built over 50 years of commitment to our customers. Our 3-prong approach gets you Planning, Installation, and Maintenance at great prices! And whether in stock, or made to order, we deliver fast.

We do everything possible to ensure that you are buying the highest quality refrigeration equipment made with the highest quality parts. Contact Us today for your quote.


Planning is like a keeps you on course!

ARI professionals have designed and installed 1000s of Cooling and Industrial process solutions since 1961. Let us share our hands-on experience to help ensure that your project is successfully deployed.


We work for you!

Arnold Refrigeration has the workforce, apparatus and directorial skills required to undertake both simple and complicated projects. Our many years of experience makes us able to anticipate your needs, avoid problems and assure a trouble-free installation.

Project Profiles:

See examples of our work with the following businesses:


Mission Produce

Budco SA

El Tigre

Glazer Austin


TDCJ Snyder


Super Gutierrez

Super S


We have top quality merchandise, and only work with those who are top quality. Due to our highly efficient and professional attitude, we are depended on by numerous commercial businesses.


At Arnold Refrigeration we are able to secure a vast array of fixtures and equipment from a multitude of manufacturers at quantity-discount rates -- even if we only need one or two. The outcome is greatly discounted prices!

"ISE" provides the single source for a total package of products which include items necessary to construct supermarkets, convenience stores, institutions and food service operations. "ISE" contractors provide highly skilled professionals to plan, design, install and service any food operation. The "ISE" member is a turn-key operator.


We take care of what we sell and who we sell it to!

At Arnold Refrigeration, our top priority is the satisfaction of our clients. With this in mind, we make a great effort to accommodate our customers in servicing our products as quickly as possible, and with a professional staff of highly qualified technicians, we can get the job done well.

Your call will never go unanswered!

Every single call we get is attended to in a reliable process. The call is first logged into our database where it can be assigned to a technician. Our computers trace your product history, including previous labor or part modifications and purchases. Parts and labor are quickly en route to aid our client.

You will always have our technical support!

Because it is impossible to determine when a maintenance issue may present itself, we are prepared to be available and vigilant every hour of the year. It is crucial for us at Arnold Refrigeration to keep customer satisfaction as a top priority. When you need emergency service, Arnold Refrigeration can be trusted to get a technician to you as fast as possible.

You want it? You got it!

We are determined to conduct prompt action, especially if you need it. We have our parts distributors ready to supply us with the parts you need. Usually, we are able to get your parts to you the same day we receive your request!

We're always expanding!

We are constantly improving our technical knowledge in accordance with developments in technology and product improvement. This means that every technician that is sent your way has up-to-date knowledge of your equipment, and it is assured that each technician is very familiar with your product.

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