ARI boasts outstanding performance in our Cold Storage Building Division. We offer a complete "turn-key" package for all sizes and types of cold storage facilities, and refrigerated walk-in warehouses. Whether it be retrofitting or remodeling an existing cold storage facility, or complete ground-up construction of a new facility, ARI can fulfill all your needs. Design, engineering, sales, installation and service can all be provided by ARI.

Industrial Refrigeration, Cold Storage Building & Beverage Distribution Facilities

Steel frame buildings, site work, insulated slabs, insulated roof and wall panels, refrigeration, rack systems and industrial doors.

ARI has extensive experience in the erection of insulated panel systems that may be used in a variety of applications, including, but not limited:

  • Insulated Walls & Roofs for cold storage chambers
  • Prefab buildings
  • Store Fronts
  • Roofs
  • Canopies

These panels come in various sizes, color, and textures and can be manufactured to meet various insulation, code and USDA requirements.

Industrial Brands include but are not limited to:

Heatcraft, B.A.C., Krack, Vogt, Russell, Witt, Evapco, Hussmann, Metl Span, Galvamet, Alumi Shield, Economax, Albany, Jamison, Clark, R-Plus Roll Seal

Samples of our projects:

Recent Projects include:

  • Mission Produce - Texas, Georgia, California and Mexico
  • Budco of San Antonio - 120,000 sq ft CEW, 6400 Drought Room. Panels & Refrigeration using Heatcraft Racks
  • Houston Distribution (Millers, Coors) 30,000 sq. ft. 34 degree storage using Metl-Span panels and Heatcraft racks.
  • Glazer Distribution, Waco. 17,600 sq ft. 38 degree warehouse. 2400 sq ft. Keg Room, 3200 sq ft. Wine Room
  • RK Distribution, Budweiser Distributor, Nacogdoches, Texas
  • Ben E. Keith, Budweiser Distribution, Llano, Texas
  • Glazer Distributing, Coors & Miller, La Fayette, Louisiana
  • Houston Distribution, Phase 2, Houston, Texas
  • Continental Floral Greens, San Antonio, Texas
  • John B. San Falippo, San Antonio & California
  • H.E.B. Distribution Center, San Marcos

Special Notes:

  • Experience in Einstein Controllers
  • Affiliations:
    • ASHRAE
    • I.S.E. (Institutional & Supermarket Equipment)
    • AGC
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